Who are we?

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B-612 Productions is composed of second year students from Royal Central School of Speech & Drama. We are thrilled to be collaborating with Little Fish Theatre Company for this exciting new project.

Meet the team:

Hello! I’m Neva and I am a Drama, Applied Theatre, and Education student at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. I think theatre and drama are really strong tools to use in making a difference and inspiring change. I enjoy working as a multifaceted theatre artist and love creating new and exciting work. I look forward to embark on this virtual play-writing journey together.

Hello! I'm Saff! I'm 2nd year DATE student at Central. I believe that the arts have a powerful ability to bring people together and create a safe place for growth and self expression. I enjoy creating experiences for audiences and performers that are engaging and playful. I adore interactive performance. I'm looking forward to exploring this writing project with you and reading all your amazing work!

Hi, I'm Pascale, and I study writing for performance at Central.

I love writing because it gives me the tools to bring stories to life and connect with others. I am really interested in new fun ways of writing. And I'm looking forward to hearing all the stories you come up with and the worlds you create.

Hello, I'm Moe! I'm a Drama Applied Theatre and Education student at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama! I've been performing pretty much my entire life in musicals and plays. I'm very interested in theatre that addresses important issues in society to help create a change. I'm super excited to meet and work with you all!

Hi, I'm Rebecca. I study playwriting and performance, and I am also a professional Performing Arts teacher and facilitator. I'm really interested in theatre that represents important issues in society in a truthful way, and theatre where new voices are heard. I enjoy writing plays, and recently wrote and performed a solo performance about disability, and also a short play about gaslighting. I love working with new people so I can't wait to hear from you all

Hello! I’m Lily and I study Writing for Performance at Central. My favourite performances to watch are comedies and musicals, but my favourite performances to write are comedies. I love being involved in inclusive projects like this and I’m so excited to work with you!

Terms of agreement


1. Work should be submitted anonymously through our website with the identification being the character’s name that participants will create.

2. The participants should not be in contact with any of the facilitators personally throughout and after the project and if they have an enquiry to go through the school or the company, who can be contacted by: contact@b-612productions.com .

3. Participants should not include any personal details that relate to them or others they know. The persona and story they create should be 100% fictional.

4. Any videos or activities posted to the project should not be shared on to any other social media sites and should stay within the website and the YouTube channel.

5. Any disclosures made within work or throughout/after the project will be reported to the safeguarding lead and teachers of the participant.

6. Participants have the right to remove themselves from the project at any time and are able to state that they do not wish their work to be performed at any time throughout the project.

7. Participants should try to engage with each activity every week and have something to submit for each deadline.

8. Participants should attend this project if it was in an educational setting and therefore should not include vulgar or offensive material.

9. Participant’s backgrounds should be neutral and not disclose their locations when in zoom calls or sending in any material that includes photos or videos.

10. When attending Zoom sessions, participants should only be addressed by character names and the identification on the webcam should be this character too.

11. Participants should have a clear space around them when participating in live sessions or in any sessions that require movement.

12. Participants should be cautious and safe when handling materials and all of the materials should be safe to use (eg, no glass, no sharp objects or any material that would constrict air and blood flow to be put near/on the body) when creating costumes.

13. Participants should be aware of where their nearest first aid assistance is around at all times throughout the participation of the project.

14. Facilitators and safeguarding lead will be the only ones with access to any work given. The work will be kept for the duration of the project and deleted at the end.